Course summary

Denim Institute Milano offers students and young professionals an extensive theoretical and practical journey through the denim production – from the history of the iconic five pockets to denim in present day. We collaborate with textile specialists, brands and companies who are note for their  commitment  and innovations in the denim world. At the end of this course the participants will have gained a strong understanding of denim as part of a complex production cycle, learned how denim fabrics are made, will know about variety of washings, treatments and finishing, as well as  how to construct the iconic five pocket trousers.

History of denim

Introduction into the history of denim, from its origins to its mass spread in the 1960s. It will give you a first image of the social and cultural conditions that have transformed the “waist overall” – the resistant and indestructible work suit – into a must-have piece of any wardrobe, celebrating the blue jeans as the democratic clothing par excellence. 

When: 23. January, 9.30 -12.30

Tutor: Christian Murianni

Street Photography

When: 23. January, 14.00 -16.30

Tutor: Stefano Pesce

History and origin of cotton

Study of the structure of cotton plant and the main cotton types cultivated in the world, cotton economy , production line from the cotton field to denim fabric, environmental impact of cotton and new developments.

When: 24. January, 9.30 -12.30

Tutor: Luca De Monti

Fibre and fabrics developmen

When: 24. January, 14.00 -16.30

Tutor: Paolo Leidi

Marketing and branding

Since the 1960s, cinema, fashion and sub-cultures have spread the use of denim geographically allowing it to take place within the collections of the most important brands. A study of the diffusion and trends of denim on the market, focusing on brands through the evolution of their marketing and communication strategies.

When: 27. January, 9.30 -12.40

Tutor: Laura Pianazza

Company presentation - GAS

When: 27. January 14.00 -16.30

From cotton fibre to denim fabric, visit to Candiani

Visit to Candiani mills, where students will have the opportunity to follow the production cycle, from the spinning of the cotton fibers to weaving of the final fabric.

When: 28. January. 9.00 -17.00

Technology and fading, visit to HUB1922

Visit to one of the leading companies for chemicals and production of technological equipment for denim processing. Explore the machines, learn about the processes and outcomes of different treatments. 

When: 29. January 9.00 -17.00

Laser technology

Discover eco-sustainable production replacing traditional methods of fading, abrasion, decoration, marking, engraving and cutting jeans. A company dedicated on the limitless possibilities of jeans finishing and freedom of creation suported by user-friendly softwares and flexible processing systems.

When: 30. January, 9.30 – 12.30

Technology and fading, lesson with Officina+39
Italian textile chemical company Officina+39 is dedicated to research and chemical application in textile sector and engaged to present it to new generations of technicians.

When: 30. January, 14.30 -17.00

Denim making workshop

We offer a 2-day denim making class, where each participant will make a 5 pocket selvedge jean from chalking, pattern cutting and completion. All fabrics and trims supplied. Each person will get to cut & sew a Selvedge Jean, step by step. You will leave with a pair of premium jeans personally made by you, including all textile materials, buttons, rivets, pocketing etc. and access to a fountain of knowledge by our tutor  Mohsin Sajid.

When: 31. January 10.30 – 18.00, 1. February 9.30 -18.00

Tutor: Mohsin Sajid

Tution fee: €1200