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Denim Institute Milano is dedicated to train the future generations of professionals in the denim sector. Our study concept is rooted in the  craftsmanship and tradition of the denim fabric. Based on it our students will learn all innovations in sustainable production and fabrics that are necessary to secure the denim industry’s future. The courses aim to develop practical, creative, and business skills useful for career future development.

Our Teachers

Cristian Murianni

As owner of Denim Institute Milano, Cristian Murianni aims to bridge denim’s roots and its future through courses dedicated to the traditions of the denim industry. He wants to make sure that they are passed down to a new generation of designers and artists, preserving the expertise and knowledge of the denim experts that preceded them. His previous projects include the trade show, Denim Boulevard, and magazine, The Overall, My Archive etc.

Paolo Leidi

Graduated at Politecnico di Milano in 1987, specialized in designing and managing of modern textile plants, he has spent more than 30 years working in the denim world. With a strong and full knowledge of the production process, he combines technical skill with a vivid creativity to contribute to developing and designing innovative denim fabrics collections  and has realized new denim mills in Italy, Poland, Brazil, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan.

Mohsin Sajid

Mohsin Sajid, a British Fashion Designer, is a highly accomplished denim specialist, denim lecturer, acclaimed pattern cutter and ergonomic tailor. He has worked for some of the best denim and apparel companies in the global industry. He has  lectured in over 12 universities such as The Royal College of Art,  LCF, Westminter and Ravensbourne etc.